Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Benefits of a Strategic Business Coach (Why you may need one more now than ever)

 [Editor's Note: In these uncertain times, business and personal decision-making is very difficult for CEOs and senior leaders. We can never predict the future, yet we must make the best possible decisions, maintain a positive culture, and be adaptable and agile to changing conditions. This is especially true in the current uncertain environment of inflation, labor shortages, and supply chain issues. I hope you find the following article useful about the importance of strategic coaching.      - dpm]

Benefits of a Strategic Business Coach
(Why you may need one more now than ever)
Over the past few years, I have been asked repeatedly why The Mead Consulting Group does not promote the coaching we do with CEOs and business leaders. My response has typically been that the term "Coach" is much overused and "abused." We have not wanted to be lumped into the bucket of people who bill themselves as business coaches but who have limited or no real life business experience.
We have been doing strategic business coaching for many years.
For many years, helping company leaders execute and grow as leaders has been a core part of our DNA. Our entire consulting practice is built around helping companies reach the next level - helping them to get results. Leadership, communication, strategic thinking, setting priorities, motivation, team development, alignment, accountability, and personal development are all part of the process. These are developed by close interaction with our client's leaders. We refer to it as CEO coaching or strategic coaching, but in truth it usually involves the entire senior team.
My personal education with a strategic business coach. 
A recent conversation with a client brought back to mind my personal situation - when I was thrust into the CEO role by the death of the Founder. My best strategic coach was one of the Board members who took me under his wing. I was 27 and he was 73. He had lived quite a life, from growing and selling businesses to failed partnerships, lawsuits, large acquisitions, employee issues. He had forgotten more than most people ever experience. He was an irascible cuss and didn't suffer any fools. I was able to leverage his failures and successes and his incredible perspective. He helped me achieve my goals, and made sure I was prepared for almost any situation that came my way. He was the person who helped me understand the importance of developing and focusing on strategic plans that can actually be executed.
I saw an article a number of years back that listed some reasons why business leaders could benefit from having an experienced strategic coach. Long ago I turned these into my own list - which I will outline below. It is this same focus that our senior consultants bring to every one of our clients.
Benefits of a Strategic Business Coach

  • You gain a needed confidante
  • Strategic Business coaches force you outside your comfort zone
  • You get personal attention from someone who knows your business.
  • You hear the hard truth - that people inside your company won't share
  • You get objective, unbiased opinions
  • You learn how to turn your ideas into reality... Or hear why you are chasing too many shiny objects and need to focus
  • You are held accountable for getting important things done - focus on strategic issues not what shade of mauve the office furniture will be.
  • You get exposed to a huge external network
  • You gain confidence in your decisions and actions

If you want more information about how we help CEOs and business leaders continue to grow and accomplish their goals, please contact me
The Mead Consulting Group helps dozens of companies and organizations -like yours - every year with both strategic planning & execution, and strategic business coaching. These processes have helped our clients consistently outperform their competition.

If you would like to discuss your situation, please contact me to set up a complimentary meeting. Remember - our consultants have been experienced business owners, CEOs and senior executives who have been in your shoes. Our consultants have all been through uncertain economic times before - including periods of inflation - and can help you best position your company to thrive through these next years.

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