Saturday, June 19, 2021

If you don't do anything different, what will life look like around here in 12 months?

[Editor's Note: We hear repeately from clients - "We should have done this last year"...or years ago. Many companies that have survived through the Covid-19 period have slipped back into "business as usual." What are you doing to make 2021 and 2022 better years? I hope you find this article though-provoking.                              -dpm] 

Procrastination is defined as "the action of delaying or postponing something." We all fall prey to occasional procrastination, feeling that we don't have enough information, hoping that the situation will improve by itself, or an employee will finally improve a problem behavior.
Do you see yourself or someone you know in the following comments: 

  • We're doing as well as industry averages
  • The rising tide floats all boats...for now
  • Everyone's going through the same problems
  • We identified this several times but we didn't follow-through
  • He/She has been really trying to improve. Let's give him/her a bit more time.
  • We're going to wait until we hire the new manager/director/CEO
  • If we let that problem/under-performing person go, we'll never be able to replace them
  • We have too much going on, to be able to tackle this now
  • We're going to stay where we are ...for now

If we defer taking action or making difficult decisions, it seldom results in a better situation. Twelve months later, we are faced with the same situation, one that usually looks worse after 12 months of aging. If we keep repeating the same things and expecting different outcomes ... Well, we know what Einstein reportedly said about the definition of insanity. 

Business owners and CEOs typically know where the problems are. They may be frustrated because, while the issues have been raised previously, the solutions have not been implemented. Many times, having an experienced, objective outside party can be very effective in not only pointing out the obstacles or issues, but also in keeping the business owner/CEO and the organization focused on execution. 

Are you going to use the same approaches this next year or try something different? you begin to move forward with your plans for 2021, are you going to approach it the same as you have in the past.
How has that worked? 
  • Were you able to identify new opportunities or turns in the market?
  • Were you able to embark on new initiatives that provide your company with new competitive advantages, or an improved cost structure, or an intriguing new business model? 
As you approach the midway point of 2021, ask yourself the question,  "If you don't do anything different, what will life look like around here in 12 months?" What will it take for you to "Decide to Go!"

The Mead Consulting Group is focused on helping business owners and CEOs identify and overcome obstacles to growth and profitability. In short, we help business owners and CEOs "think, plan, and act strategically." Contact me to discuss how to do things a bit differently this next year. 

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