Friday, January 29, 2010

Can a Smart Young College Intern Make a Difference in Your Business?

For many years, The Mead Consulting Group has been assisting our clients with the identification of opportunities to utilize college students as interns. These interns have made big contributions and, in a number of cases, have been hired by the companies after graduation.


ACG Denver has started an INTERN EXCHANGE – a clearinghouse to match opportunities for paid and unpaid internships and jobs for undergraduate and graduate college students and just graduated students with the needs of small and middle market companies and non-profit organizations. Members of the ACG Denver Intern Exchange committee will assist companies with the identification and development of positions appropriate for college interns.

While many of the university business schools have excellent structured-internship programs, there are a number of highly qualified graduate and undergraduate students that are looking to connect with the local/regional business community.

ACG Denver will post available intern/job opportunities for companies and facilitate an exchange where interested students can connect with the companies.

NOTE: The ACG Denver program is intended for students who are either attending college in the Colorado–area or who may be attending college outside of Colorado but who have permanent addresses in Colorado.

The program was launched on January 27,2010.

For more information on creating and posting internship/job opportunities, click on

How can an intern benefit my business?

• ‘Test drive’ potential future employees to maximize hiring opportunities

• Gain fresh perspectives and the latest knowledge

• Help with short-term projects

• Allow current employees to work on higher-level tasks

• Allow staff to develop management skills as an intern’s supervisor

If you have used interns in the past, this could be a new pool of talent. If you haven’t used interns previously, please look into this program. You will be glad you did.

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