Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Am I Part of the Accountability Problem in My Company?

[Editor's Note: True Accountability can be the biggest impediment to strong results in a company. In our last issue we asked the question:
"Is a Lack of Accountability a Problem in My Organization?" In this issue, we continue to explore why accountability may be lacking in your company.]

The Continuing Quest for Accountability -Part II 
Am I Part of the Accountability Problem in My Company?

As leaders of businesses and organizations, we typically think of ourselves as ultimately accountable for the results and success of the organization. We likewise think we hold managers and other leaders in our organizations accountable as well. But...is it possible that the culture we have created actually results in a lack of accountability?

Consider the following behaviors and ask yourself, not only how well you do these, but also, how well you encourage these behaviors in your business?
  • Do you actively obtain the perspectives of others?
  • Do you communicate openly and candidly?
  • Do you actively ask for and offer feedback?
  • Do you learn from both successes and failures?
  • Do you act on the feedback you receive?
  • How well do I align the each employee's work with the key results?
  • Do you value loyalty or tenure more than performance from employees?
  • How is the collaboration across functional boundaries in the organization?
  • Do you always do the things you say you'll do?
  • Do you track progress with reporting that is proactive and transparent to the organization?
  • Do you actively build an environment of trust?
Some business owners think that setting up and tracking metrics from their managers is accountability and do not acknowledge the importance of the above list of attributes. Some business owners or CEOs we have worked with respond with automatic "Yes" responses to these questions. Some suggest that this is "Management 101." The truth is that we find at least several of these behaviors or attributes lacking in many companies and in many business owners or CEOs. In order to get the best results in your organization, every employee needs to feel personal responsibility and accountability for the results. Can you say that exists in your organization?

Submit yourself to some self-reflection. Ask your managers how they honestly think you score on these questions. You might be surprised that others perceive you differently than you perceive yourself.
If you want to change the results in your business, you need to change to a culture of accountability. How does that change start? 

In the end...it all starts with you.

Don't let another year go by. Neglecting the next steps in your company's growth and maturity can be very short-sighted. You need to have your company firing on all cylinders. The Mead Consulting Group has helped many companies achieve greater accountability...and better results.   Contact me to discuss how we can help you do things a bit differently this next year.


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