Monday, February 14, 2011

SPECIAL: Entire Adaptable Leadership Series

Many of you have requested that we send the complete 9-part series on "Adaptable Leadership." We have provided links to all of the article entries below. We hope you find it useful. If you would like more information about our Creating Adaptable Leadership and Culture process, please contact me.


"... Executives see change as a way to strengthen the business. Employees don't.They see change as unwelcome, disruptive, and intrusive. Employees focus too much on what they think they will lose from change rather than what they will gain in the end..."

"... Given that people are attached to how things are, there is a sense of loss and emotional upheaval if that certainty, and the security it provides, is threatened..."

"...Adapting is the ability to adjust to a variety of situations as needed. There's no beginning and end. It's a constant process that can move in any direction as desired. It includes everyone, not just change leaders. Everyone becomes responsible for results..."

Part 1 - The Long, Slow, Hard Economic Slog

Part 2 - Companies Don"t Need to Change. They Need to Adapt

Part 3 - 'Adapt' is New Thinking

Part 4 - How to Create an Adaptable Culture

Part 5 - Create an Adapting Culture: When It Can Go Wrong

Part 6 - Do You have the Leaders to Drive an Adaptive Culture?

Part 7 – Characteristics of Adaptive Leaders

Part 8 - Creating an Adapting Company Is Not Complicated

Part 9 - From Ignorance to Results: Understanding Stages of Change from the CEO Perspective

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