Thursday, August 12, 2010

One Year Later Revisited - "Can you realistically wait until the economy comes back?"

Almost a year ago (October 8, 2009) I made a post on this blog, titled, "Can You Realistically Wait Until the Economy Comes Back?" which discussed the possibility of a long protracted period of slow growth. Now, a year later, it appears that there may be more truth in this "long, slow slog" than many would have kliked to admit. So I ask the question again: Can you realistically wait until the economy comes back? What if the predictions are true of those who say that it could be 2015 or later before we see a full recovery.

We believe that many businesses must change in some very fundamental ways. There are things that can be done to recast your business. Over the coming weeks, we'll share a number of the steps that our clients are taking to reposition their businesses to gain competitive advantage.

What are you doing to change your prodcut mix, your service mix? How has your business or delivery model changed? Share your ideas!

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